DISCLAIMER: Please finish the game before rating it.

"Island" is the first game I did on my own, and I encourage you guys to leave feedback in the comments below.

You are on a deserted Island in the middle of nowhere, trying to find our way home. Things may seem peaceful at first, but the Island contains many secrets and mysteries that the player has to go through. The story will change every time you make a different choice, and we encourage you to explore every ending there is. (Currently there are 20 Endings.)

GenreRole Playing
Made withUnity
TagsText based
Average sessionA few seconds

Development log


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Nice! Good Work. Keep doing it!


Nice bro!

From what I played, the game seems really immersive with a lot of different possibilities. I think I found a glitch though. I took the sword and then slept, after it said "Welcome to the Mountain." The music stopped and I couldn't press any more buttons. Great game though! ^_^

It's not a bug, please read Patch 0.7 In the devlog :)

Oh, okay, thank you!